Active-Active Failover with Avago Syncro Solution



Open-E DSS V7


Open-E DSS V7 Avago is no longer supported

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The Avago Syncro™ technology is a solution for businesses of all sizes that require High Availability storage for high performance, high capacity or hybrid system. The Syncro™ CS solution is a hardware based, high-available DAS which is shared between two head-nodes. In combination with Open-E DSS V7 software, it is possible to create a customized solution for any need, from a high performance SSD storage to high capacity 3,5” HDD server with SDD caching.

Key uses for Active-Active Failover with Avago Syncro Solution:
  • Cluster-in-a-box systems
  • High Availability
  • DAS storage
  • Business Continuity

Benefits of Active-Active Failover with Avago Syncro Solution in Open-E software

Hardware independence – Hardware based high availability for Fibre Channel and iSCSI. Open-E software enables you to build platform-independent storage clusters, using rock-solid, field-proven and well-tested hardware RAID. Any single-point-of-failure is eliminated and all available components are used to accelerate throughput and IOPS per HDD. The market offers huge variety of hardware for such installations and it is possible to use dedicated chassis for cluster-in-a-box solutions or a simple 2 head-node and JBOD setup.

High Availability – Not a privilege, but a necessity. An organization’s capability to continue delivering their products or services during disruptive incidents is crucial. 40% of service interruptions are caused by power station failures, 25% are hardware failures, and 13% are software failures, such as miss-configuration or severe bugs. What downtime mostly stands for are costs. But with Open-E’s failover technology and professional partner support, organizations are able to continue their business operations with 99.999% data availability.

Shared Storage Cluster – Centralized data protection. The term describes a server cluster in which two independent server nodes (head nodes) use and share the same set of disks to write data and export it to the network. Opposite to a metro cluster, such a solution needs to be set up at the same location. Shared storage clusters offer a cost saving opportunity, because only half the amount of disks are needed.

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