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iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface) is a type of protocol providing a proficient usage of disk space together with data safety and increased performance. A centralized storage management that uses iSCSI and RAID technologies enables a comfortable storage administration and reduced downtime in case of a hard drive failure. It enables building SAN (Storage Area Network) storage systems using SCSI disk arrays and Ethernet (TCP / IP). Its main advantage is the ability to create an iSCSI SAN with an extensive use of typical networking elements which facilitates system building and reduces its costs.

Key uses for iSCSI:
  • SAN (Storage Area Network) storage systems
  • Data centralization
  • Simplified storage management
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance time
  • Usage of SCSI disk arrays and Ethernet

Benefits of iSCSI storage in Open-E software

Flexibility – The right configuration for any situation. Using the iSCSI protocol, iSCSI LUNs can be attached to any system in the network and allow an administrator to design the network setup with consideration for system performance and usability. Additionally, Open-E software provides many tools that help with the configuration process: the iSCSI initiator allows other iSCSI sources to be attached to the system and you can grow the volume space of iSCSI volumes without the need to switch off the system.

Excellent performance – High throughput for a reasonable price. In comparison to Fibre Channel, Ethernet networks are less expensive and can reach a level of performances that is high enough to suit most customers’ requirements. It uses standard Ethernet switches and can run different Ethernet speeds (1, 10 and 40GbE). The performance can be further improved with multi-pathing and tuning tools that adapt to different scenarios. Open-E software is a great option when it comes to high available storage for a reasonable investment, especially for SMBs.

Hardware Independence – The right components for specific uses. Build your storage system with hardware components that suit your needs and requirements: no need to be stuck with a certain vendor or to cope with capacity limitations. You can easily expand storage space as your data grows and adapt your storage to control your total cost of ownership.

Easy to use software – All you need is the webGUI. Open-E data storage software is easy to install and it provides simplified maintenance of iSCSI SANs. No special training is required, as storage administrators already use common TCP/IP network protocols. The iSCSI session manager makes storage management a simple task while displaying current connections to iSCSI targets with all necessary details i.e. target name, IP address, CID (connection ID), etc. The entire setup can be done solely in the webGUI and there is no need to use complicated command lines.

Security – Data is a company’s most important investment. To ensure its safety, Open-E software iSCSI feature offers security tools such as Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) and Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) for secure connections. Also, Snapshots are a great addition to your backup plan , allowing to restore the deleted files or to recover them after a virus attack.

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