Disaster Recovery for NAS with Asynchronous Replication



Open-E DSS V7


Disaster Recovery is one of the most essential strategies for securing lost data against disasters. It includes all processes and procedures that are performed in order to prevent large failures and to avoid their consequences by keeping copies of the data. With a consistent strategy, you are able to recover business-critical files and applications of your IT infrastructure - ensuring business continuity and minimization of data loss.

Key uses for Disaster Recovery:
  • Business Continuity
  • Protection from natural disasters
  • Protection from human error
  • Protection from equipment failure
  • Protection from cyber-attacks and viruses

Benefits of Disaster Recovery in Open-E software

Most popular backup agents supported – Professional backup software offers advanced and helpful features that make the creation and automation of backups comfortable and easy. Drivers for Backup Exec, Retroclient, and BrightStor are included directly in the software enabling you to benefit from various functionalities such as deduplication, versioning, and more.

Asynchronous Data Replication – File-based replication over LAN or WAN for NAS logical volumes. This feature provides data availability with periodic updates in case the source system becomes offline. The destination server always keeps the replicated data of the source server to easily restore it if needed. Open-E software is also compatible with rsync for easy maintenance of file copies on two servers.

Snapshots – A point-in-time image of any volume. With Open-E Data Storage Software you can create multiple snapshots per logical volume. Snapshots can be used for both consistent and temporary backup, while you still have uninterrupted and complete access to the Logical Volume. Files can be recovered from previous snapshots if accidentally deleted or modified.

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