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Open-E DSS V6


Open-E DSS V6 is no longer supported

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What does Open-E DSS V6 offer for cloud hosting companies?

The reason a customer, searching for suitable cloud service, choose one hosting company over another mostly depends on the specific functionality and level of security they offer for a specific (read: low) price. However, finding a proven performance solution for cloud that meets all client’s expectations is not an easy task. Such a service should ensure: high availability, superior scalability, resiliency and great efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

Before you start to think this is impossible, let us show you the way we supply great solutions for both public and private cloud providers, and learn how our Data Storage Software matches their needs. So, do you want to know how you can drive your cloud business?

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Safety First!

The first thing that is on everyone’s mind is data safety. As we understand the importance of data availability, we offer crucial tools for your cloud hosting service - Automatic Failover for NAS Volumes with NFS functionality and Automatic Failover for iSCSI Volumes - so you will no longer need to worry about business discontinuity and downtimes. Additionally, with Data and Volume Replications and Cross Data Synchronization, Open-E DSS V6 allows for effective risk reduction to make your data storage highly available for thousands of customers! The sense of security will be even more increased with our built-in virus protection!

Software as flexible as your clouds!

Open-E DSS V6 cooperates with leading virtualization components regardless of their manufacturer and specification. The versatility of our Data Storage Software is also expressed in compatibility with most of the hardware devices and multiple Network Interface Controllers. With both NAS and iSCSI functionality - our software is as flexible as it is resilient. No matter what environment you work on - NAS or SAN – Open-E DSS V6 allows you to use them both or work on a combination of the two. You will soon find out how comfortable it is! Without a doubt you will appreciate our iSCSI Failover which visibly decreases the TCO footprint. It is included in Open-E DSS V6 basic functionality!

But the most important thing is…

…to reduce expenses and increase efficiency at once! This was possible through automizing module thanks to API/CLI functionality. It substantially reduces the time and costs needed for management and providing user resources. It can be also combined with various cloud management solutions.

Together with implementation of Open-E DSS V6 you get a system that is user friendly and easy to manage, which allows for live monitoring and dynamic resource allocation. We can assure you that Open-E DSS V6 will fit perfectly within your cloud service, no matter how you choose to design it.
The result is that - for the first time - you can have your cake and eat it too – for part of alternative storage cost offerings you can have a wide range of essential functionalities.

Now that you know what we provide - read how it works!

Read about cooperation between OnApp and Open-E DSS V6 and learn why our software will be the best choice for your business!

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