IT Service Provider With Own Data Center Renews Its Storage Infrastructure For A Long-Term Strategy With Open-E JovianDSS

IT-Beratung HALBE, which operates its own data center, wanted to realign its strategy by replacing the conventional storage and virtualization environment based on DSS V7 and VMware ESXi with a new infrastructure. Taking into account a general cost minimization, the goal was to create a future-proof starting position so that competitive services in the IT and hosting area can be still offered to the customers.

The requirements for a suitable storage solution included:
  • The basis of the planning was to provide low latencies and high IOPS.
  • High Availability and load balancing were also relevant.
  • An important part of the project was the license costs reduction by switching the hypervisor to Microsoft Hyper-V.
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The Chosen Solution

To achieve the goals, IT-Beratung HALBE asked for help from the Boston Deutschland – as they had done in the past on several occasions when similar projects were carried out. Boston Deutschland proposed a customized all-flash High Availability storage solution based on the Open-E JovianDSS system with two nodes and a shared JBOD as a storage extension, with a new virtualization host as a package.

Positive Side Effects

The space required in the server rack has been significantly reduced. In the past, an entire server rack was filled with hardware for this purpose, but now it’s been decreased to only one third. Comparable solutions could only be realized by significantly exceeding the budget of more than 20,000 EUR. The handling of failures of any kind has been improved considerably with Open-E JovianDSS compared to DSS V7.

Hardware details

Configuration per cluster node
Server: 1HE Supermicro SYS-1029P-WTRT
Chassis: SuperChassis 116AC2 R706WB2
Motherboard: X11DDW-NT
Power supply: Redundant 740W - 80 PLUS Platinum Level Certified
Processor: 2x Intel® Xeon® Silver 4112 2.60 – 3,00GHz
RAM: 192 GB DDR4 2933 ECC (12x16GB) Samsung M393A2K40CB2-CVF
RAID: 1 x Intel® RAID modules RMS25CB080
HBA: LSI SAS 9300-8E SGL, 8-Port ext. 12Gb/s SFF-8644, SATA + SAS
Network connection: 2x Broadcom NetXtreme E-Series P210TP, Dual-Port 10GBase-T
Boot: 2x 128GB SSD/MLC SATA DOM (Mirrored – RAID 1)
Write Log: RAM/SSD tiered
Read Cache: RAM/SSD tiered

Storage configuration

JBOD: 2HE SuperChassis 216BE2C-R741JBOD
SSD: 13x Toshiba PM5-R 1920GB SSD, TLC, SAS 12Gb/s, 2.5’, 15mm, 1 DWPD
Zpool: 2x Raid Z2 (2 Gruppen a 6 Disks) + 1x WarmSpare
ISCSI Multipathing: Active-Active configuration
Storage capacity: 12,58TB usable in two Zpool’s

About IT-Beratung HALBE

IT-Beratung HALBE was founded in May 2002 by Mr. Thomas Halbe as a consulting, IT, and service company. The company is 100% privately held. The company is located in Willich near Düsseldorf. Since 2011, IT-Beratung HALBE also focuses on housing and hosting customer applications in its own data center in Germany. The customers are small and medium-sized enterprises such as tax consultants and auditors as well as non-profit organizations. Another part of the business is data recovery of damaged hard drives for private and business customers. Since 2017, the company has been supporting customers with compliance requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation.

About Boston Server & Storage Solutions

Boston Germany was founded in 2010 in Munich-Feldkirchen, as a subsidiary of British Boston LTD, and specializes in building, testing, and manufacturing customized high- performance IT business solutions in the server and storage segment. Boston Group is the longest standing and largest Supermicro partner in Europe and has excellent product knowledge. Boston offers the latest well-optimized high-performance technologies. The product and solution portfolio is complemented by additional services such as training, support, certification, project partnership, financing, marketing, and PR support.

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