Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud Open-E JovianDSS Based Solutions for Vidsys Corporation

Vidys Corporation, an ARES Security company, global leader in providing enterprise security solutions. Their goal is to help organizations from various sectors to streamline security operations, reduce risks and manage security events in real time for a more rapid and effective response.

The main task of the new data storage implementation was to provide suitable and efficient backup. However, there were other objectives ahead as well, such as:

  • High performance
  • Low latency
  • Advanced data protection
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Geo-redundancy
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In order to adapt to increasing demands, old and aging storage architecture had to be replaced with a new, sufficient for growing infrastructure needs. After analyzing various products on the market, Vidsys reached out to Nfina, a long-standing partner of Open-E, and presented us with a challenge.


Replacing the old storage with an advanced HA cluster, with 52 TB of storage, running 124 Virtual Machines, working together with 100+ VMs on 106 TB of storage allowed to apply Nfina’s Hybrid Cloud service - an Open-E JovianDSS-based product. The software can manage an immense amount of data, and synchronize the whole infrastructure while providing public cloud benefits at a reasonable price at the same time.

Achieved Result

High Availability cluster supported by Open-E JovianDSS' On- and Off-Site Data Protection, geo-redundancy, and rapid disaster recovery prevent data from being lost or corrupted. Adaptable backup plan customized by the user with consistent snapshots and their asynchronous replication guarantees the best backup possible that reduces the downtime to an absolute minimum, no matter if it’s a case of software or hardware issue (including natural disasters). A high scalability level allows for the constant expansion of the infrastructure while the company grows - Vidsys’ monthly savings reach $12,643.

Download full Case Study

.PDF file, 5.2 MB

About Nfina

Nfina Technologies is a US based manufacturer of Data Storage, Servers, and Hyperconverged Clusters that combines current high performance technology with a market leading 5-year warranty and US based tech support. Nfina provides the best value and lowest TCO in the industry. We supply products to IT departments with growing compute and storage requirements who need the latest technology in order to maximize their IT infrastructure spending dollars. Every Nfina customer receives personal attention from our staff, because our success is tied to your business

About Vidsys

Vidsys is a pioneer in the Converged Security (CSIM) and PSIM markets, helping hundreds of organizations around the world streamline operational security. Their experienced team is dedicated to solving security challenges and providing solutions for even the most complex operational environments. Vidsys was an early adopter of Physical Security and Information management, or “PSIM”, software solutions, which have become an industry standard for security operations management. To meet the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world, Vidsys developed a Converged Security and Information Management, or “CSIM” model to allow organizations to manage both physical and IT security concerns via a single intuitive platform. Today, Vidsys’s CSIM platform is used to run Security Operations Centers (SOCs) for public and private sector agencies in more than a dozen countries around the world.

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