To Save the Memories for Future Generations

A non-governmental organization, Post Bellum from Czechia, turned to Abacus Electric, a data storage provider, for a tailor-made solution that would fulfill the organization's highest needs. They required a solution that would meet the following requirements:

  • Scale -up architecture
  • Easy capacity expansion based on financial resources
  • Commodity, non-proprietary hardware with no vendor lock-in
  • Possibility of using a cluster data storage solution
  • Snapshot and cloud services support
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Post Bellum own several NAS servers from different manufacturers offering various capacities and features. Due to the fact that the researchers and documentalists collected 550TB of raw data, and the amount of data is rapidly growing, with an average annual increase of more than 300 TB, the main goal of their IT administrators was to consolidate the infrastructure and prepare it for further data volume increase. To meet this goal, Post Bellum headed to Abacus Electric, a long-term Open-E Platinium Partner.


Post Bellum decided on the Abacus a-2610Q-KRPA 4U Server powered by the ZFS and Linux-based Open-E JovianDSS data storage system. The new data storage architecture is built of of two single-node servers for excellent performance and almost unlimited scalability.The ZFS file system is the base of the data storage system. Plus, the supported storage capacities can exceed dozens of PBs of data.

Since Post Bellum is a non-profit organization, and their mission is close to the Open-E and Abacus values, both companies decided to give up part of the profit to support the project. To watch some of the testimonies, visit their YouTube channel >>

Hardware details

Chassis: AIC RSC-4H 60bay toploaded storage chassis
CPU: AMD EPYC2 Rome 7252
Motherboard: Asus KRPA-U16 single socket EPYC3
HBA Controller: 3×Broadcom 3008 ITmode HBA SAS
Boot Medium: 2×Samsung SSD PM893 480GB
Data Drives: 60×20TB = 1,2PB Raw Capacity Western Digital Ultrastar HC560
Ethernet Controller: Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X540-T2, Dual port 10GbE-T

About Abacus

Abacus Electric is the largest Czech server manufacturer with ISO9001 certification and over a twenty-year tradition on the market. In 2021, more than 2,700 servers were produced, and Abacus Electric has long remained in the top three server suppliers in the Czech market. Abacus Electric supplies a wide range of server and storage devices for web hosting, server and desktop virtualization, private and public cloud, HPC, GPU, data storage, and other applications. Thanks to partnerships with key manufacturers (Supermicro, AMD, Intel, Broadcom, Adaptec, Areca, Asus, NVIDIA, Open-E, Promise, QLogic, WDC), the range of servers and storage solutions is exceptional in its variety and features.

About Post Bellum

Post Bellum is a non-profit organization established in 2001 that seeks out and records witnesses‘ memories of historical events from throughout the 20th and recently also 21st century. The organization was founded by a group of journalists and historians from the Czech Republic who kept meeting at press conferences and anniversary commemorations. They believed that witnesses should have the opportunity to tell their stories and that these stories should be accessible to everyone. Post Bellum was created from this vision.

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