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Welcome to our webinar and tutorial section. Here you'll find everything from how Active-Active clusters work to why the ZFS system is so spectacular, all presented via video. If you find something that piques your interest; just click on the video and let our experienced experts explain said topic.

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Build Your Own Software defined Data Storage with Industry Leaders! [Toshiba Gulf and Velocity Tech, Qatar]

in Data Protection

Software-Defined Storage is a new approach to data storage that allows you to create your own system with the hardware and software of your choice. It gives you more flexibility, control, and efficiency over your storage resources and enables you to adapt to changing business needs and demands. 

During the webinar, we explain: 
  • What is Software-Defined Storage and how does it work 
  • What are the benefits and challenges of Software-Defined Storage 
  • How to build your own data storage with the industry leaders in data storage 
  • How Velocity Technologies can help you design and implement the best solution for your storage needs How to register for a free trial of Open-E software and get a special offer from Toshiba Gulf FZE 

  • Mohamed Zeeshan Ali, Technical Services Manager at Toshiba Gulf FZE 
  • Bashar Shalhoom, General Manager at Velocity Technologies 
  • Filip Bocian, and Rafal Litwinowicz, Pre-Sales Engineers at Open-E Data Storage Software

Data Storage Solutions Against the Ransomware Effects – Wateen & Open-E [Arabic & English Webinar]

in Data Protection by

Cyberattacks using malicious ransomware software have become more and more disruptive for businesses and public institutions alike. However, with the proper data storage protection in place, you can avoid the serious consequences of having your data encrypted or potentially even lost.

Watch the Wateen & Open-E webinar to learn how Open-E JovianDSS enables you to revert your system back to the state it was in right before any malware attack.

For more information about Wateen, please visit:


Recovering From Ransomware | Open-E and Broadberry Data Systems Webinar

in Data Protection by

See how Open-E JovianDSS can help prevent your company from data loss due to ransomware and watch the webinar! Our experts, Matthew Dytkowski from Broadberry and Wojciech Żylski from Open-E, explained how a ransomware attack may affect your company and demonstrated the Open-E JovianDSS rollback functionality in action with an actual WannaCry virus.

Business Kontinuität nach einem Ransomware-Angriff

in Data Protection

  • Partnerschaft von Starline & Open-E
  • Open-E JovianDSS
  • Snapshots & Retention-Pläne
  • Die schädlichen Folgen von Ransomware
  • Systemwiederherstellung (Live Demo)

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