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Browse and view our recorded webinars and video tutorials. Let our experienced engineers take you through everything you need to know about Open-E DSS V7 and our previous releases. You will find out how to implement, configure and use the key features of our software - all with lots of practical solutions and tips. Take your pick and keep your technical knowledge up-to-date.

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Open-E JovianDSS Evaluation Guide and Quick Start

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  • Introduction to the demo environment
  • Download and installation on bare-metal and as VSA
  • How to get and enter a Trial Key
  • Creating a storage pool
  • Best practices and usage examples
  • Cache explained - Write-log and Read Cache
  • Creating an iSCSI Target and NFS Share

Maintenance Mode with Open-E DSS V7 in Failover with iSCSI and NFS

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  • Enable Maintenance Mode on Open-E DSS V7
  • Move resources to Local Node
  • Stop Failover and keep Virtual IP running
  • Shutdown other Node and introduce new Node
  • Configure new Node with Logical Volumes, Replication, Share and Targets
  • Configure Failover AUX IPs, Ping Nodes, VIPs and resources
  • Start Failover service

Data optimization with Open-E JovianDSS: De-duplication and Compression

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  • Introduction to the demo environment
  • Creating a volume with De-duplication and Compression
  • Data optimization ratio with De-duplication and Compression
  • Benchmarking de-duplicated and compressed volumes

Monitoring Open-E DSS V7 and JovianDSS with Check_MK

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  • Installing Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS
  • Update and upgrade
  • Installing OMD
  • Generating an SSH key in Open-E DSS V7 and JovianDSS
  • Configuration of Open-E DSS V7 and JovianDSS monitoring in Check_MK
  • Setting up the e-mail server for e-mail notifications
  • Testing typical events

Open-E DSS V7 with Avago Synchro Solution at VMworld 2014 US

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  • A live presentation of Open-E DSS V7 with Avago Technologies Syncro® Solution discussed by Todd Maxwell from Open-E, Sreenivas Bagalkote from Avago and Charlie Fei from AIC during VMworld 2014 in San Francisco. The solution allows white box builders to create active-active cluster setups with Fibre Channel or iSCSI Shared Storage and involves Avago Technologies Syncro® RAID Controllers. https://www.open-e.com/r/8dq/

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