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Browse and view our recorded webinars and video tutorials. Let our experienced engineers take you through everything you need to know about Open-E DSS V7 and our previous releases. You will find out how to implement, configure and use the key features of our software - all with lots of practical solutions and tips. Take your pick and keep your technical knowledge up-to-date.

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How to setup iSCSI Failover with Unicast Network connection mode

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  • iSCSI Failover configuration (Unicast versus Broadcast explained)
  • How to configure iSCSI Failover with Unicast and Static Routing
  • iSCSI Failover cluster as High Availability solution for VMware and Windows 2008
  • How to update iSCSI Failover cluster in production
  • Testing iSCSI Failover and Failback with power failure and network path failure simulation

Installing Open-E DSS V6

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Improve your knowledge of:

  • Installing the DSS V6 on a USB Flash Stick
  • Necessary RAID configuration for boot media
  • Boot media requirements and considerations
  • Installing the DSS V6 on a 2GB RAID Volume
  • Using the Software installer and other points of interest

How to setup DSS V6 to prevent loss of data in case of accidentally deleted data

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The topics of this webcast cover the Logical Volume Manager with access to external storage pools via built-in iSCSI Initiator, Snapshots, restore data from Snapshots and Data Replication.

Open-E DSS V6 All Console Screen Functions

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Using of console screen functions - step by step.

Open-E - Backup Functions

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Backup functions in Open-E DSS V6:

  • iSCSI Targets
  • USB Drives
  • Volume Groups
  • Tape Drives

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