End of Life: 30th June 2007

End of Technical Support: 30th of June 2008

The SMB version supports ATA, SATA and SCSI RAID controllers to build large iSCSI Target Modules (ITM), providing a moderate-sized solution that meets a wide variety of performance and capacity requirements. To improve the data throughput, latency and performance, the SMB version supports 10 Gbit Ethernet cards with TCP/IP Offload engine and up to 2 CPUs for heavy duty data requirements. The SMB version also offers Snapshot, which provides point-in-time copies of volumes used in backups, testing and other applications. With great capacity support, more performance and bandwidth, this version fulfills the requirements of compute-intensive environments and larger businesses and departments.

Additional features supported:

  • Snapshot
  • UPS Support
  • Hardware RAID controller support
  • 10Gb Ethernet support
  • TCP/IP Offload Ethernet support
  • Up to 2 CPU support

Hardware Requirements:

  • x86 - compatible PC
  • 512 MByte RAM
  • CPU ( 2,4 GHz or faster)
  • Ethernet card
  • IDE Port

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