NAS 2.0

End of Life: 31st Dec. 2006

End of Technical Support: 31st Dec. 2007

Complete NAS software designed for RAID-systems for performance and security.

Open-E NAS 2.0 supports all clients with operating systems of Microsoft, Apple, Netware and UNIX/Linux in heterogeneous networks. This version uses native LDAP and therefore multiple NAS systems like "Open-E NAS server farm" can be configured and centrally administered.

In addition Open-E NAS 2.0 offers the following extra features:

  • Snapshot
  • UPS Support
  • Hardware RAID Controller support

to enlarge the storage capacity of smaller networks in very easy and flexible manner.

Hardware Requirements:

  • x86 - compatible PC
  • 256 MByte RAM (512 MB or more are recommended)
  • CPU (800 MHz Pentium III or faster are recommended)
  • RAID-Controller
  • Network Interface Card
Open-E NAS 2.0

Open-E NAS 2.0 is a professional NAS-Software (Network Attached Storage) for building NAS RAID systems for performance and data security. Thanks to its simple architecture - in principle, Open-E 2.0 is a flash memory with IDE interface and Open-E NAS as operating system - you can add storage quickly, easily and, most importantly, cost-efficiently to your existing network.

Open-E NAS 2.0 supports all network clients - Microsoft, Apple, Netware and UNIX/ Linux. The 2.0 version has Open LDAP in which users and groups can be defined only once and shared across multiple machines and multiple applications. Multiple Open-E based NAS systems can be configured as the "Open-E NAS Server Farm" and be managed centrally.

Another professional feature of Open-E NAS 2.0 is the snapshot function, which enables to backup data with full data access for the clients. The support of hardware ATA/ SATA / SCSI controllers provides the system performance and professional security of your valuable data.

Which advantages does Open-E NAS 2.0 provide?

It's reliable: Supported through hardware RAID, Open-E NAS includes a journaling system and a snapshot function.

It's easy to use: Open-E NAS 2.0 can be installed easily and quickly. Also, it is easy to administer.

It's fast: According to many IT experts and customers who have tested it, Open-E NAS 2.0 is much faster than other NAS solutions that are based on standard operating systems.

It's cost-efficient: You acquire just one license for an unlimited number of users.

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