End of Life: 30th June 2007

End of Technical Support: 30th of June 2008

Open-E NAS-R3 SOHO is a basic version of our most advanced Open-E NAS-R3 family. Designed to cover all needs of small companies and networks, but still very easy to set up and manage.

Hardware Requirements:

  • x86 - compatible PC
  • 512 MByte RAM
  • CPU (1,4 GHz Pentium IV or faster are recommended)
  • Network Interface Card
  • internal USB

All Open-E-made NAS-R3 modules are delivered on a flash module with an internal USB interface. Thanks to the dedicated and efficient software, users can create high-performing and secure storage solutions on virtually every x86-compatible system.

If your company has about five clients, and you don't want to spend thousand of dollars on expensive hardware and not waste time on building complicated NAS server than the Open-E NAS-R3 SOHO is the correct choice.To set up a server, just change the default IP address (manually or by using DHCP server), and all the other setting can be done very easily with Web based Graphical User Interface (GUI). What advantages does Open-E NAS-R3 SOHO provide to you ?

It's easy to use: All settings can be changed thanks to very intuitive GUI.

It's fast: According to many IT experts and customers who have tested it, Open-E NAS-R3 SOHO is much faster than other NAS solutions that are based on standard operating systems.

It's cost-efficient: You acquire just one license for an unlimited number of users.

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