NAS-XSR Enterprise

End of Life: 30th June 2007

End of Technical Support: 30th of June 2008

After years of development and investigations in the Storage field we are proud to present the Open-E NAS-XSR ENTERPRISE.

On top of standard NAS solution NAS-XSR is offering additional functionality:

  • >2TB Volumes support
  • Support for a wide variety of hardware RAID platforms
  • iSCSI Initiator
  • Fiberchannel HBA's Support
  • Updates via Web
  • Remote Access Console
  • Support for Mac OS 10.4
  • Built-in Antivirus and the added security
  • ... and more

Hardware Requirements

  • x86 - compatible PC
  • 512 MByte RAM
  • CPU (1,4 GHz Pentium IV or faster are recommended)
  • RAID-Controller (recomended)
  • Network Interface Card

New functionalities implemented in our NAS-XSR make our NAS solution the most flexible on the market, allowing you to combine NAS systems with iSCSI SAN systems, offering online Antivirus protection, teaming of multiple Network Internet Controllers

NAS-XSR Enterprise

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