ATTO ExpressNVM Smart NVMe Switch Host Adapter & Open-E JovianDSS

The ATTO ExpressNVM™ Smart NVMe Switch Host Adapter is engineered to create high-performance, shareable NVMe data storage pools. It offers enterprise-level management and configuration features, allowing integrators to build scalable, high-capacity storage solutions. These can be efficiently managed across distributed networks, making it ideal for data-intensive environments like high-performance computing, enterprise storage, and data centers.

Validation was performed for HA Non-Shared Storage Cluster (functional and performance tests) configuration.

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ATTO ExpressNVM™ Smart NVMe Switch Host Adapter Details

The following table includes the ATTO ExpressNVM™ Smart NVMe Switch Host Adapter ENVM-S48F-000 specification.

Product name ATTO ExpressNVM Adapter
Model name ENVM-S48F-000
Interface PCIe Gen4 Firmware
Firmware 2023_10_04

Sequential Read and Write Performance - HA Cluster

Open-E tested all possible combinations of thread numbers and queue depths using the Fio test tool in every instance. These tests were conducted with an external client machine connected via a 2x 10GbE network. What’s more, all essential and critical non-shared storage cluster mechanisms were thoroughly tested across all tested devices.

Chart 1

The results showed great results, especially in higher threads where ATTO ExpressNVM™ Smart NVMe Switch Host Adapter ENVM-S48F-000 shows its main strengths. This refers to both sequential read & write performance.

Chart 2


The ATTO ExpressNVM™ Smart NVMe Switch Host Adapter ENVM-S48F-000 underwent extensive testing to ensure complete functional compatibility with Open-E JovianDSS. Results from high-availability cluster operations testing revealed no abnormalities, flawless performance, and excellent compatibility without any issues.

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