ATTO FastFrame N312 100GbE NIC

ATTO FastFrame N312 100GbE NIC

ATTO FastFrame N312 100GbE NIC is an enterprise network adapter, designed for best-in-class performance and the industry-lowest latency. efficiency. This Energy-efficient card is especially suitable for Media and Entertainment applications as well as IT applications such as data analytics and hiper-converged servers.

Validation was performed for both the Single node (functional tests) and HA Non-Shared Storage Cluster (functional and performance tests) configurations.

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ATTO FastFrame N312 Details

The following table includes the ATTO FastFrame N312 network adapter specification.

Product name ATTO FastFrame N312
Data Rate Per Port 100/50/40/25/10 GbE
Port Configuration Dual
Form factor HDD 3.5”
Interface PCIe 3.0
Hardware offload Yes

Test Environment Description

Hardware specifications for environments used during certification testing are included in table below. This applies to both the Single node configuration and the HA storage cluster nodes.

Performance measurements were done using fio for linux, v3.31.

Per node hardware specification.

System name Intel® Server System M50CYP2UR208
Motherboard Intel M50CYP2SBSTD
CPU 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6334 3.60GHz
RAM 16x 16 GB 3200 MHz DDR4
NIC ATTO FastFrame N312
Storage devices 12x Micron 7400 MTFDKCB1T9TDZ
System Open-E JovianDSS up29r2 Arch Linux-2021.11.01 (client side)

Sequential Read and Write Performance - Single Node

Charts 1 and 2 show sequential read and write performance results. When running on a client machine, fio was able to generate a sequential read workload with a throughput of around 11 GB/s.

Chart 1

Taking into account the overhead, this value is very close to the theoretical maximum data transfer rate of the tested device.

Chart 2

Sequential Read and Write Performance - High Availability

The Open-E JovianDSS non-shared storage cluster was configured using two nodes. Storage pool was created using only remote drives. The tested ATTO FastFrame N312 network adapter was used for a mirroring path with a single port connection.

Chart 3

The locally run fio was able to generate a sequential write workload with a throughput of around 6 GB/s. Using RDMA resulted in an 11% increase in performance on average. When sequential reads were performed, a maximum of around 11 GB/s was achieved with RDMA providing an average increase of 43%.

Chart 4


The ATTO FastFrame N312 network adapter was comprehensively tested for full functional compatibility with Open-E JovianDSS. Both Single node and HA cluster operations were taken into consideration and the test results indicated no signs of any abnormalities, good performance, and no compaibility issues.

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