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    How to move from Active-Passive to Active-Active mode

    Moving from Active-Passive to Active-Active failover mode may seem a complicated task. In a new 20-minute webcast our moderator will prove how easy it is with Open-E DSS V7.

    As usual you will also get a bunch of tips for managing your Open-E software.

    Here are some of the topics which were discussed this time:

    • How to verify if the existing volume replication is consistent and why is it important?
    • Activating Active-Active iSCSI Failover Feature Pack license key for two nodes
    • Stopping failover and switching over to Active-Active set up
    • What are the Ping Nodes and what role do they play in a failover setup?
    • Managing volume replication tasks and Virtual IPs
    • Preparing load balancing

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