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DCS Awards 2016 Finalist "Software Defined Storage"

DCS Awards 2016 Finalist "Software Defined Storage"

INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT Best of 2015 "Server / Virtualisierung"

INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT Best of 2015 "Server / Virtualisierung"

SVC Awards 2014 - Finalist for Storage Management Product of the Year

SVC Awards 2014 - Finalist for Storage Management Product of the Year - Product of the Month August - Product of the Month August

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In our Cisco Lab we were looking for a complete Enterprise class NAS/SAN solution that would work across our Mobile Internet Technology test beds used for product testing, solution testing, PoC’s and IOT’s for MITG solutions. The solution needed to be reliable, feature rich and flexible. We looked at FreeNAS and other commercial products such NetAPP and EMC. In the end Open-E DSS V7 had the features and flexibility we needed to complete our projects. The flexibility of the Open-E DSS V7 on our Cisco UCS HW was key to being able to move quickly between ever changing storage needs. It has been straight forward to setup, maintain and tuning was effortless. We can quickly setup many and modify the Open-E DSS V7 volumes from 200GB to 5TB for usage with our file protocols with CIF’s, NFS and Fibre Channel volumes as well. The design of the GUI is very easy to navigate which reduces the learning curve allowing us to be more productive. Open-E DSS V7 has been proven to be reliable and robust for our storage and database needs. Support was another factor in our requirements and that has been proven to be excellent before install, during install and with the ongoing usage of Open-E DSS V7.


Mark Weiss

Technical Marketing Engineer

Cisco Systems, INC


When I first tested Open-E’s software products at the beginning of being an Authorized Partner, I was surprised how easy the installation process, configuration and actual storage management is. In our own and our customer installations with Open-E we are rarely facing any issues regarding data security. Customers need solutions like this: ready to use, easy to manage and reliable. This is why we’re recommending Open-E over other storage management software.


Kim Saroeun

Procurement Manager

Cogetel Limited


We are pleased to work with Open-E as a partner for several years now. We have delivered several High Availability mission-critical solutions powered by Open-E DSS V7. As everyone who works on similar big projects knows, not everything works from the very beginning and according to customer expectations but with the help and effort of the Open-E Team we made our customers happy. Frankly said, Open-E is a very unique company among other software vendors for its customer-centric attitude backed with excellent technical knowledge. I have never seen such flexible support from software developers before.


Jan Petrák

Sales Manager Servers

Abacus Electric

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Case Studies

Mar 16, 2017

Rechenzentrum integriert hochverfügbaren Active-Active Cluster und ZFS-basierte Langzeitspeicherung

Das esacom Rechenzentrum in NRW hat sich als IT-Dienstleister auf Cloud-Dienste, IT-Services und SAP-Lösungen für mittelständische Kunden ausgerichtet. Mit Vertraulichkeit, Verfügbarkeit, Sicherheit und unterbrechungsfreiem Betrieb bietet das Unternehmen vom Outsourcing, Service Desk oder Monitoring bis hin zu Virtualisierung ein breites Spektrum an Leistungen, und ist dabei zuverlässig, persönlich und rund um die Uhr für seine Kunden erreichbar.

Mar 14, 2017

Video Surveillance Solution with flexibility and vast growth

Video Surveillance data is exploding with high value needs for the content, and access for evidence and proof is more critical than ever. For this reason, Private Clouds that involve on-site data content for additional security are trending now faster than ever. For the Texas Police Departments time and storage demands are vital needs for their surveillance security camera data. They required quality hardware with a software storage operating system to provide SMB/CIFs, and import the Users and Groups from their Microsoft ADS server. They neither had time for extensive training on the products nor to read an extensive manual. Basically they needed to drop in place and go. For the Texas Police Departments, video surveillance products must have high quality and flexibility to fulfill the ever changing needs for security on all levels and types of video equipment.

Mar 1, 2017

Veraltete Storage-Lösung durch neuen HA-Cluster von Starline abgelöst

Der Baustoffhandel Geert Grüppen GmbH & Co. KG beschäftigt sich seit über 150 Jahren mit dem Thema „Bauen“. Dieses geballte Know-how verbindet das Traditionsunternehmen mit innovativen Ideen und dem Mut, neue Wege zu gehen. Um weiterhin innovativ zu bleiben, musste die veraltete Storage-Lösung abgelöst werden. Sie entsprach nicht mehr den Anforderungen, die durch die gewachsene Infrastruktur des HA-Clusters erforderlich waren. Der Speicherzugriff durch die ESXi-Hosts erwies sich dabei als die schwächste Komponente. Ein träges Systemverhalten war die Folge.

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Open-E DSS V7 Active/Active iSCSI Failover Setup

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Our website is a big classified ads portal, with a few million visitors a month. Because of the millions of pictures and big database, the storage was always a problem. Even though we tried expensive storages and tweaked our own software it was never fast enough. Installing our VPS platforms on Open-E software with SSD’s was possibly the biggest change we have ever made and a huge step towards fast and stable platforms. Even with the huge number of visitors on the site, it is still possible to perform multiple file operations. Finally, because of the Open-E software with SSD, the CPU load of the 3 VPS-platforms dropped from 50% to 10%! For us it all makes sense now a superfast storage is the key.


Arno Laan


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