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DCS Awards 2020 Winner in the Data Centre ICT Storage Product of the Year Category
DCS Awards 2020 Winner in the Data Centre ICT Storage Product of the Year Category

Open-E JovianDSS is a winner in the Data Centre ICT Storage Product of the Year category in the DCS Awards 2020. The awards are designed to reward the product designers, manufacturers, suppliers and providers in the data center field. Read more »

PC Professionell
PC Professionell

Storage without limits
The need for storage in the network is growing and growing. Modern NAS systems satisfy the hunger of storage in networks.

Three Linux-based NAS-systems and two Windows Storage Server 2003 systems compete in a benchmark test.

N-Tec Rapid SR316SL (with Open-E NAS Enterprise). Very fast and good expandable NAS system, no local port for tape drive. Virus scanner and Backup only external.

Test result: Nr. 2 Score: satisfactory

Mikro Datorn Sweden
Mikro Datorn Sweden

NAS-Benchmark test: Dell, ICP, Iomega, DTC (powered by Open-E)
Excellent performance, best price/GB and brilliant (ingenious) solution with the integrated operating system and NAS-functionality in the small Linux module (Open-E NAS)"

Result: Test winner Read more »

Network Computing Plug-In NAS
Network Computing Plug-In NAS

The Open-E NAS Module turns any standard Computer with RAID-controller and some hard disks into a NAS-Filer with Web-GUI for administration.

Test result: Open-E fits into IDE slot of any PC

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Open-E DSS V7 Active/Active iSCSI Failover Setup

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We chose Open-E because it was the only fully-redundant, high-availability storage solution we found that was vendor-agnostic, with the lowest ratio CapEx / per TB of total available storage vs. any Dell / HP / EMC / VMware vSAN solution, and we needed scalability without vendor lock-in. Plus, their support plans are reasonably priced; it’s a pleasant experience working with a relatively smaller company’s (onshore) tech support vs. the big box companies whose support experiences are inconsistent at best. Whether you’re an owner that’s looking for the value-driven storage solution, or an engineer with the guts to ‘roll-your-own’, Open-E will satisfy both.


Jason Volmut



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