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Enterprise-class Data Storage Software for Every Business

Open-E DSS V7 is a Linux-based data storage software ensuring Business Continuity, High Availability and centralized storage management. This unified file and block-level operating system provides support for multiple infrastructures such as 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE, FC, Infiniband, and offers NAS, iSCSI and Fibre Channel (both target and initiator) functionality in a single application.

It is one of the most stable and secure solutions on the market, helping both SMBs and SMEs to implement high performing, yet cost-effective and robust data storage solutions.

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Open-E DSS V7 Key Details

Open-E DSS V7 offers built-in enterprise-class features, such as:

  • Fault-tolerant and Transparent Failover High Availability Storage Cluster
  • Active-Active Failover for NFS and iSCSI (Feature Packs)
  • Active-Passive Failover for NFS and iSCSI
  • Metro HA Storage Cluster
  • High Availability Cluster Maintenance Mode
  • Optional usage as Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) for Hyper-converged Infrastructures
  • Continuous Data Protection (Synchronous Volume Replication)
  • Interval, scheduled and Snapshot-based Data (File) Replication (Asynchronous Replication)
  • Snapshots
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Hyper-V Cluster Support
  • VMware Ready and Citrix Ready certifications
  • And more...

Open‑E DSS V7 Data Storage System
for SMB

Open-E DSS V7 is a fully featured NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAN (Storage Area Network) software platform. NAS offers support for multiple file protocols which enable you to build cross-platform solutions and SAN offers iSCSI Target and Fibre Channel Target functionalities.

The flexible design and excellent scalability of Open-E DSS V7 enables companies and institutions of all sizes to create effective storage solutions that can meet and adapt to the simplest or the most complex data management needs.

Open-E DSS V7 brings superior performance, extensibility and reliability, and is out of the box tuned to provide high data-throughput and data protection for centralized storage.

No need for an additional operating system - Open-E DSS V7 helps businesses to implement cost-effective data storage solutions by providing complete management software.

Open-E DSS V7 will turn any commodity server into an enterprise data storage appliance. Thanks to compatibility with VMware, Citrix Xen and MS Hyper-V, the software is an ideal tool for cloud storage and virtualization environments.

Building a storage server using Open-E DSS V7 can be done in minutes! It is fast and easy thanks to the simple installation and configuration process. Additionally, ongoing management and maintenance of the server is straightforward and user-friendly.

Explore the Data Storage Features
of Open‑E DSS V7

We understand there are many solutions to choose from when selecting your storage software. You should consider our product if you want to quickly get more from your existing hardware, accelerate performance, minimize downtimes and assure uninterrupted business operations.

With Open-E DSS V7, you will also experience significant time, cost and storage volume savings.

  • Robust, award-winning storage application
  • Provides excellent compatibility with industry standards
  • Easiest to use and manage
  • The most stable
  • Price performance leader
  • Greatest storage features for an affordable price

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Industry-leading High Availability Failover

Active-Active Failover for NFS and iSCSI boosts overall system performance and minimizes downtime since the read, write and replication traffic is balanced over two nodes. The whole cluster can be conveniently managed with the HA Cluster Maintenance Mode without any downtime.

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Publicly Acclaimed and Award Winning

Open-E’s DSS family of products is widely recognized and awarded by the storage industry. There are over 40,000 installations worldwide among which there are many Fortune 500 companies.

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Affordable and Flexible Support Plans

Open-E’s highly qualified support engineers offer technical guidance during deployment and everyday use. Wide range of affordable and flexible Support Plans suits the needs of any company.

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