Open-E DSS V7 Features & Benefits




Open‑E DSS V7: Robust and Award-winning Software

Efficient cluster configuration

The software allows for configuration of both nodes while connected to one system. Additionally, we included a set of tools for efficient cluster management, such as the resource pool overview, remote node status or configuration statuses. Also, find a failover manager providing an overview of cluster configurations, as well as the Maintenance Mode which allows to stop the cluster and to continuously run the virtual IPs. Thanks to the Maintenance Mode, it is possible to reconfigure the cluster, or replace hardware – or even the whole node – without downtime. When starting a cluster, Open-E DSS V7 checks all critical settings on each node, including: SCSI IDs, tasks, ping nodes, configurations, resource pools, auxiliary paths, and more. This way, clusters cannot be started if they were configured wrong.

iSCSI functionality

IP Address restrictions, CHAP, MPIO, iSCSI Failover, SCSI-3 persistent reservation, Session Management.

Network clients & protocols

Supports Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS 8.0 - 10.5.8, X, SMB/CIFS, FTP, Secure FTP, HTTPS, Apple Talk, NFS v2, v3, iSCSI, Fibre Channel.

NFS and iSCSI cluster

Provides fault tolerance and transparent failover via synchronous Volume Replication for NFS Shares or iSCSI Targets. It uses a setup with two nodes where all volumes are synchronously mirrored over both nodes. In case one server node fails, the software automatically switches all operations to the other server. Synchronous mirroring enables users to set up Active-Active or Active-Passive HA Clusters between two locations with a distance of up to 70km (Gigabit Fiber).

NAS functionality

Windows Active Directory/Primary Domain Controller, NIS, Intern/external LDAP, ADS and NIS User/Group ID Synchronization, File System with Journaling, User and Group Quota, Antivirus.


Improved local backup tool, NDMP v3.0, Backup-Agents (Backup Exec®, Retrospect®, BrightStor®), Data (File) Replication, Volume Replication.

Compatible with Industry Standards

Supports Legacy Hardware

Supports older hardware to ensure backward compatibility.

Supports popular backup software

Open-E DSS V7 allows you to secure and restore data with minimal interruption to your workflow. It gives you the choice of using built-in backup and restore capabilities, or utilize commercial backup clients like Veritas, EMC Dantz, Backup Exec®, Retrospect®, BrightStor®. This way you can leverage your existing investment and expertise.

Supports Latest Hardware

Constantly developed by Open-E’s engineers to ensure high compatibility with the latest storage hardware. In the last 3-years we updated drivers for network controllers, RAID adapters, management tools, and protocols, including support for the latest drivers. To see exactly which hardware is supported, please visit our Hardware Compatibility List.

Supports appliance API

To ensure further compatibility, Open-E has an open storage API to communicate between different software programs and detached appliances which ensures easy third-party integration for maximum compatibility.

Easiest to Manage Data Storage Software

High Availability Cluster Management Mode

With the HA Cluster Management Mode users benefit from an easy way to reconfigure their cluster setup or replace failed hardware without downtime. The cluster configuration can be reconfigured and rebuilt during production, or components such as network interface cards or storage units replaced.

Initial configurations wizard

As soon as Open-E starts, the Setup Wizard helps you with all the network and system settings - you get up fast, with built-in help, and can see immediate results.

Automated update and rollback of OS

The automated update and rollback make it easy to update and get the latest features. If there is an issue that needs to be resolved first - reducing system downtime, the rollback is also easy to do.

Intuitive webGUI

Thanks to Open-E’s user experience team, maintaining a server with Open-E DSS V7 is straightforward and user-friendly. The webGUI in our software offers intuitive navigation and users can access all features directly.

Simple cluster configuration

In Open-E DSS V7 both nodes can be configured while connected to one system, as opposed to Open-E DSS V6. Additional cluster tools: resource pool overview, remote node status, configuration statuses, failover manager Open-E DSS V7 checks all critical settings on each node, including: SCSI IDs, tasks, ping nodes, configurations, resource pools, auxiliary paths, and more. This way, clusters cannot be started if they were configured wrong.

Task and Schedule Manager

Tasks can be automatically scheduled for data, volume replication and snapshots - making it easy to set up, so you can concentrate on other tasks.

Monitoring & e-mail notification

Automatically notifies the system administrator via e-mail when there are RAID or HDD problems, making it easy to troubleshoot and quickly fix problems.

Most Stable Data Storage Solution

Linux Operating System

Open-E runs on a Linux Platform because of its proven stability, unlike others that are less stable or which have limited and diminishing support for new hardware.

Journaling support

The system tracks and logs changes that affect the main file system, which makes it more reliable.

Improved kernel

The latest kernel of Open-E DSS V7 ensures stability, increased performance, and higher compatibility for demanding enterprise storage environments.

Price-performance Leader on Data Storage Market

Independent OS

Open-E uses its own independent OS which is a self-reliant device and does not require the expense of another copy of Windows and allows you to use more hardware options (legacy or modern).

High Availability over 2 nodes

Open-E DSS V7 can recognize hardware/software failure and immediately restarts the application on another system without requiring admin intervention or downtime, which further reduces downtime at no extra cost.

Continuous data protection

Provides continuous backup/replication of data - better than 24-hour snapshot backups (lose approx. 17 emails in between backups, versus up to 10,000 on an exchange e-mail system). It is also much quicker to restore (20 minutes vs. 3-5 hour tape backup).

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The Toshiba MG10SFA22TE HDD demonstrated strong performance in our tests, confirming its reliability as a robust data storage solution. The drive showed consistent performance, endurance, and speed, making it ideal for environments needing high data integrity, capacity, and availability. Based on these results, Open-E recommends using this certified model in enterprise-scale storage infrastructures, data storage solutions, backup solutions, and CCTV recording. The tests verified that this HDD model is capable of handling demanding workloads with Open-E JovianDSS-based systems in both Single-Node and High-Availability setups, including Shared- & Non-Shared Storage Configurations.

Open-E Wins DCS Awards 2024 in the Data Centre ICT Storage Innovation of the Year Category!

Open-E Wins DCS Awards 2024 in the Data Centre ICT Storage Innovation of the Year Category!

Open-E wins DCS Awards 2024 for the "Data Centre ICT Storage Innovation of the Year", an honour to our advancements in Open-E JovianDSS Up30.

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