Open-E DSS V7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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General FAQ

Today, only less than 1% of Open-E customers use a 32-bit systems. This is why our company decided to focus on staying current with the technology and better 64-bit systems. 32-bit volumes created in Open-E DSS V6 can be easily moved to 64-bit Open-E DSS V7 by backing up volumes and later restoring in Open-E DSS V7.

Due to the fact that Symantec has replaced Veritas with Backup Exec our company decided not to support Veritas in Open-E DSS V7. However, we do offer support for Backup Exec. If you want to use Veritas please use Open-E DSS V6 to restore the data.

Since this is not a popular feature and only a few people still use IET, we decided not to support IET as an iSCSI target solution in Open-E DSS V7.

It is true that in some cases iSCSI initiators will lose connection to your LUNs after upgrading to Open-E DSS V7. We recommend making backups to all the volumes before upgrading to DSS V7. Once you have Open-E DSS V7 just restore your volumes and if necessary, reconnect your initiators. Please note that the Product License Key for Open-E DSS V7 is also valid for Open-E DSS V6 with the build equal or greater than 6335.

We support up to 128 CPUs.

Yes, it is possible to use the A/A without a License Key. You would have to configure two Resource Pools in the Failover configuration and start a cluster in the A/A mode. Please keep in mind that without the License Key, using the A/A functionality will result in slowing down your network to 100Mb. Please purchase an A/A License Key to fully utilize this feature.

Yes, this functionality is available in the current release of Open-E DSS V7.

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