Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization is there to simplify management, enhance flexibility and greatly reduce the operational costs of your business. It can positively impact the following areas of heterogeneous storage infrastructure:

  • disk utilization
  • consolidation
  • performance
  • availability (reduced downtime)
  • management automation

Being a critical part and a foundation of IT virtualization, storage virtualization can simplify multiple data services including:

  • Clustering
  • Snapshots
  • Data replication
  • LUN management
  • Volume management

Use the full potential of virtualization with Open-E software and learn how it can improve your business:

Open-E DSS V6 as a Perfect Solution for Storage Virtualization

Any interruption in access to key information can result in outrageous costs, proving the importance of high availability of company resources. Storage virtualization provides increased performance and security of information exchange and storage.

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