Storage Virtualization

Simplifying storage management, enhancing the flexibility of a storage environment and reducing operational costs are only a few benefits of storage Virtualization. Learn how you can improve your business with virtual environments based on Open-E software.


Any interruption in access to key information can result in outrageous costs, proving the importance of high availability of company resources. Storage virtualization provides increased performance and security of information exchange and storage.

See example configuration of Multipath I/O on Open-E Data Storage Software. To run the Multipath I/O on DSS V6 with VMware ESX 4.0 and Windows 2008 server running as virtual machine, perform the fallowing steps: 1) Hardware configuration 2) Configure the DSS V6 3) Using ESX4 CLI 4) Configure MPIO on ESX 4.0 5) Multipath I/O on DSS V6 with ESX4.