Important Information

1. Other free sources for Open-E Technical Support:

2. Trial versions of Open-E software:

We recommend that you fully test the latest Open-E JovianDSS or DSS V7 Trial to make sure that your system needs are met and understand the features and options that interact with your successful results. The Trial versions can be downloaded directly from your User or Partner Portal. Trial versions are only given support in when an Open-E support engineer is testing or using the Trial version to sustain a critical issue. Trial versions by themselves are not allowed to obtain support.

3. Small updates:

We provide Small Updates for new software drivers that are released and tested in order to support your systems hardware. We can only provide new drivers that are only GPL approved and in some cases we cannot provide full support if we do not have the hardware device in our labs to test and verify.

Small Updates are provided to resolve technical issues related to new drivers or other to support the hardware or software to resolve an issue.

Not all updates can be done due to the fact that they have not been tested or are not GPL approved drivers and cannot be provided until then. All certified hardware by Open-E is listed on our website from the following links:

Open-E JovianDSS Certified Servers

Open-E DSS V7 Certified Servers

There are times when updates can take time to test in our QA department, please understand that this can take more than a few days and is difficult to provide an exact date as to the completion of the update, though every effort will be made with the utmost expediency.

4. RSS - Remote Support Services:

Remote Support Services are scheduled with an Open-E Tier 2 support engineer to resolve incidents that are associated with the Open-E software only. All issues that are not related to the Open-E software are not covered by this or any other Open-E Support products.

5. Hardware Compatibility:

All tested and certified hardware by Open-E is listed on our Hardware Compatibility Lists:

Open-E JovianDSS Hardware Compatibility List

Open-E DSS V7 Hardware Compatibility List

6. Source Code Disclaimer:

Due to the fact that we do not develop certain parts of the source code but is integrated with the Open-E products, we are not in control of the updates or unknown issues that have not yet been encountered due to the fact that it is open source. Though this is very rare, we need to disclose this information. In the event that a technical issue appears with the services based on that code, we may not be able to solve the issue ourselves. Open-E will make every effort to work with the open source developers to work on a solution on behalf of the customer. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee a solution to be resolved with an exact estimated time but know that we historically work with the community to expedite this quickly. In the event that we discover that this is the case for your issue you will receive a notice of the following: "Your ticket has an issue related to the source code of "AAA" we will need additional time".

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