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    Open-E Certified Storage Servers

    Open-E JovianDSS delivers Software Defined Storage which results in many different options in regards to hardware, such as capacity, capability, performance range, and connectivity. To ensure robust storage environments and compatibility, all selected partners offer Open-E JovianDSS Certified Servers which are tested, benchmarked and certified by Open-E. This way, customers are able to use solutions that require exceptional redundancy and security, without compromising performance.

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    Open-E High Availability Certified Storage Clusters

    Systems certified for high availability clusters are suitable for a variety of storage applications and additionally, provide exceptional performance as part of a failover cluster.

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TWP Computers BV

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Model: TWP Open-E JovianDSS System

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Certification date : Jan 27, 2015

File size: 499.3 KB

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