Disaster Recovery for iSCSI with 3rd party tools


Open-E JovianDSS


Disaster Recovery is one of the most essential strategies to prevent lost data against disasters. It includes all processes and procedures that are performed in order to prevent large failures and to avoid the consequences by keeping copies of data. With a consistent strategy, users are able to recover business-critical files and applications of their IT infrastructure ensuring business continuity and minimization of data loss.

Key uses for Disaster Recovery tools:
  • Business Continuity
  • Protection from natural disasters
  • Protection from human error
  • Protection from equipment failure
  • Protection from cyber-attacks and viruses

Benefits of Disaster Recovery tools in Open-E software

iSCSI and Fibre Channel – No access, no problem. The iSCSI and Fiber Channel technologies deny access to Open-E and the software is not able to copy data directly from the volumes. The only way to access data is from the client system which is actually writing them. This seems like a disadvantage at first, yet it can be extremely useful in practice, as it allows the customers to use any backup software available, giving him the full freedom of choice.

Software independence – Specialized backup software offers great potential and options to their users that are not available in storage operating systems. Since you are able to use any software, you can utilize uniquely advantageous features, as deduplication, versioning, and management tools for single volumes, complete virtual machines or the whole system.

VSS Hardware Provider – With this feature it is possible to take automatic Snapshots of volumes, triggered by a Microsoft Windows service called Volume Shadow Copy Service. The storage can decrease loads on the clients by taking care of creating snapshots. Since the client decides when to perform the snapshot, the snapshot is guaranteed to be consistent. Once the snapshot is in place, a tool on the client can copy the data to a save location.

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