Do you intend to use Open-E DSS V6 on a VMware platform? Just take a look at these articles and instructions!

Asynchronous Volume Replication of VMware Virtual Machines with DSS V6 and Acronis Backup & Recovery software

This article shows practical solution that can be used as a replacement for Asynchronous Volume Replication in customers environment. The solution describes how effectively prevent a decrease in performance when saving files to storage in organizations which has several regional branches located worldwide.

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Open-E DSS V6 MPIO with VMware ESX 4.0

See example configuration of Multipath I/O on Open-E Data Storage Software. To run the Multipath I/O on DSS V6 with VMware ESX 4.0 and Windows 2008 server running as virtual machine, perform the fallowing steps: 1) Hardware configuration 2) Configure the DSS V6 3) Using ESX4 CLI 4) Configure MPIO on ESX 4.0 5) Multipath I/O on DSS V6 with ESX4.

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VMware, VMotion and Open-E DSS V6 - how-to in 21 steps

A short step-by-step manual: How to install and use VMware with VMotion in cooperation with Open-E DSS V6.

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