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NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a storage technology that can simplify your work and improve the collaborative process in your company. Primarily, NAS is dedicated for file sharing – delivering necessary capabilities for storing and sharing data.

Solutions based on NAS have been mostly used by small and medium enterprises (SME) needing reliable storage without protocol or connectivity restrictions.

Key uses for NAS:
  • File sharing
  • Mass file storage
  • Home directories
  • File server consolidation and centralization
  • Databases, such as Oracle or MySQL
  • Server virtualization environments(such as VMware or Hyper-V)
  • Data protection and backup

Benefits of using Open-E software for NAS filer

High performance – Confirmed by extensive testing. Open-E software enables maximum performance of all storage components. We form strategic alliances with storage vendors, including LSI and Adaptec, to ensure compatibility with the latest technologies, like SSD RAID caching. To further increase capabilities of a file-based storage, Open-E includes SAN-type features, like Jumbo Frames, NIC Bonding or RAM caching to the NAS appliance.

Multi-protocol support – File-sharing over any network protocol. In addition to standard NAS protocols (SMB/CIFS, FTP, HTTP, NFS v2, v3), some highly demanding protocols , such as the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), File eXchange Protocol (XP) or NDMP data server, are also being supported.

Easy-to-use software – Designed for simplicity and optimized for achieving quick installation. First setup is very simple, as this process is automated and a wizard guides you through the basic setup. Additionally, a user-friendly webGUI makes the administration and deployment a painless task.

Hardware independence – Eliminates vendor lock-in and capacity limitations. Choose storage components that best suit your needs and don’t waste money on unnecessary components. With unlimited storage capacity you can easily expand your storage space as your data grows. Adapt the system for high performance or low cost and control your total cost of ownership.

Security – A stable solution that ensures highest security of data. The integrated Antivirus periodically detects malware and viruses, even while files are transferred via SMB/CIFS protocol. You can increase security also with RAID protection, replication, snapshots, and with our backup agents. Thanks to them you can also easily roll back to a previous point-in-time in case of a disaster.

Flexibility – Helpful data management functionalities and centralized control. Manage how you share your data with features like: user access control, permission assignment, WORM technology support, UID/GID mapping or Quota per users and groups. Also, you can access your company servers and data through only one console, or even from your phone.

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