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Open-E partners are certifying and testing their systems in our laboratories. To learn more about our procedures click here, or have a look at the reports provided with the systems below.

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  • Open-E Certified Systems

    Open-E High Availability Certified Storage Servers

    Systems certified for high availability clusters are suitable for a variety of storage applications and additionally, provide exceptional performance as part of a failover cluster.

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  • Open-E Certified Systems

    Open-E Certified Storage Servers

    Systems certified by Open-E are suitable for all storage applications. Since they have different equipment and configurations, they perform even better in specific setups.

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  • Open-E Certified Systems

    Open-E Tested Storage Servers

    These systems did't meet all of our certification criteria and lack the other system's versatility. However, they are still recommended for specific setups.

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Model: R2208 S2

Certification date: Jan 4, 2016

Recommended for:
  • NAS filer
  • Storage for databases
  • iSCSI storage
GRAFENTHAL GmbH R2208 S2 fullsize fullsize active

Download Certification Brochure:

Certification date : Jan 4, 2016

File size: 1.1 MB

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