Boston Server & Storage Solutions GmbH

Boston Server & Storage Solutions GmbH

Kapellenstr. 11
85622 Feldkirchen, Bayern

Covered products
  • Open-E DSS V7
  • Open-E JovianDSS
Company services
  • MSP / System House
  • Reseller
  • System Builder

Boston Server & Storage Solutions GmbH (Boston Germany) was founded April 2010 in Feldkirchen/Munich, and is specialized in building, testing and manufacturing of customised high performance IT business solutions in the server and storage segment. Boston Germany can rely on the support and expertise of Boston UK, the largest european Supermicro distributor with 19 years of business expercience.
The Boston solutions are exclusively available for resellers like systemhouses and systemintegrators, and for OEMs. Boston provides to their customers the latest high performance power optimised technologie, such as servers, storage systems, graphics processing units, high performance computing, backup and connectivity for the ISP, HPC, Enterprise and Broadcast marketplace. The product and solution portfolio is complemented by additional services like training, support, certification, project partnership, financing, marketing- and PR-support.d

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