Toshiba Electronics Europe

Toshiba has remained at the forefront of the storage industry for over 40 years and offers the industry's most comprehensive range of storage technologies, from hard disk drives (HDDs), solid state hybrid drives (SSHDs), and solid state drives (SSDs) to NAND flash memories. Toshiba owns design, development, manufacturing, sales, and other infrastructure functions spanning the enterprise, mobile, and consumer environments for both HDD and SSD products. As a leading provider of integrated storage solutions, Toshiba sets many of today’s industry standards for storage technology. In addition, Toshiba offers an extensive range of advanced technology drives such as high durability 24/7, extended temperature and SSDs for the consumer, industrial, enterprise and automotive sector.

How we cooperate

Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) is the European electronic components business of Toshiba Corporation, which is ranked among the world’s largest semiconductor vendors. TEE offers one of the industry's broadest IC and discrete product lines including high-end memory, microcontrollers, ASICs and ASSPs for automotive, multimedia, industrial, telecoms and networking applications. The company also has a wide range of power semiconductor solutions as well as storage products including HDDs, SSDs, SD Cards and USB sticks. By cooperating with Toshiba Electronics Europe, we are constantly enhancing the interoperability of our products with Toshiba's HDDs and SSDs. This way, customers have the opportunity to choose high-quality hardware for their storage setups that has been successfully tested with our software.


Toshiba & Open-E’s Long-Lasting Data Storage Setup

Can a data storage solution perform without a single moment of downtime for years? Our answer is yes. Here’s our case that proves it, created in partnership with Toshiba, AIC, and Microchip.

Brochure - High-performance and high-capacity storage solutions

Brochure on high-performance and high-capacity storage solutions Toshiba, Open-E, Chenbro and Microsemi.

Toshiba & Open-E’s Long-Lasting Data Storage Setup

The Technology Experience Lab at NTT Global Data Centers provides data center managers and their teams the room and infrastructure to explore innovative approaches to building servers and storage for their clients. It enables businesses to evaluate the efficacy of private or hybrid clouds, distributed architectures, and alternative methods of delivering IT services in a low-risk environment. Its community of users also provides support and ideas through meetups, boot camps, webinars, and hackathons.

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Storage Servers Certified by Open-E

Thomas Krenn

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Model: RA1224-AF HA Metro Cluster

Test date: Aug 11, 2021

Thomas Krenn RA1224-AF HA Metro Cluster fullsize fullsize active

Download Certification Brochure:

Certification date : Aug 11, 2021

File size: 2.2 MB

Thomas Krenn

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Model: 2U Intel Dual-CPU RI2212 HA Shared Storage Cluster

Test date: Jan 24, 2018

Thomas Krenn 2U Intel Dual-CPU RI2212 HA Shared Storage Cluster fullsize fullsize active

Download Certification Brochure:

Certification date : Jan 24, 2018

File size: 2.0 MB

Press Releases

Aug 22, 2019

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH to showcase storage solutions with Open-E

IBC2019 will again take place in Amsterdam from September 13 to 17, 2019. Exhibitors of IBC2019 include an esteemed partner of storage software developer Open-E: Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH

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Feb 27, 2019

Toshiba Electronics Europe and Open-E to showcase storage solutions at CloudFest 2019

Storage software developer takes part in renowned technology conference in Rust, Germany at cloud.FAIR booth C04 from March 26th to 28th

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